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The CRFG Team Is Here To Help Business Owners

Capital Region Financial Group works with business owners to create effective business strategies and develop a sound comprehensive financial plan so you can concentrate on running your business.

Your life as a business owner is complex and challenging, which requires an advisor that understands how to integrate both your personal and business financial priorities. Most business owners have 80% or more of their net worth tied up in their business, which is a highly concentrated and illiquid asset. Your business asset needs to produce a healthy cash flow in order to support business operations, provide employee benefits, and provide for your family. Business owners make decisions that impact multiple areas of their company every day. These impactful decisions are typically put off because time is a business owner luxury. This is a large responsibility to manage on your own.

Client Centered

Have you planned for all of the following issues?

  • How will you transition your business asset into a retirement income?
  • Do you struggle with an overwhelming tax liability?
  • Can the business survive if you don’t?
  • Is your cash flow supporting your business and retirement plan?
  • Are your 401(k) and group benefits competitive?
  • Do you have a key employee retention plan?
  • Do you have the time to regularly monitor your financials?

When the time comes, it’s important that you’re prepared for a smooth ownership transition of your business.

This video explains how we can work together to prepare a plan for you.

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